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About Us

Who are we?

Revival Nepal Adventures is a government registered adventure travel company based in Nepal which also has a network of representatives covering different countries. The company was established on and operational since July of 2014, licensed under the Department of Tourism (No.: 1876/071).

We are a small group of dedicated and skillful people working side by side and aspiring to grow and adapt to the ever-changing tourism industry. We believe that travel is one of life’s ultimate joys which fills us with new perspectives and stories and we love spreading the joy to others in the best way possible. With over a decade of experience, our leaders and guides put themselves to the task of providing expert advice in trekking and mountaineering. Way more than just a travel company, Revival Nepal is a nimble unit that creates a soothing atmosphere where you can come as friends, not as foreigners and tell compelling stories upon return – which we consider the best endorsement of our company!

Our Story

In the initial days, when Revival Nepal Adventures was merely an idea, the founder, and director of Revival Nepal Adventures, Manoj Bajagain started conducting small treks and custom-made holiday plans for foreigners, independently. He was also managing online bookings for several holiday hotels in Kathmandu. Amid a flurry of all that, he had the good fortune of meeting Jamie C. Alvarez, an English school teacher from Spain who had dreamt about traveling in Nepal for a long time and had finally flown in and booked a private trip with him over a morning breakfast. Jamie booked a city sightseeing tour and a trip to Pokhara and Nagarkot. The week-long trip in one of the most picturesque places in the country made him fall in love with the beauty of it. He realized that there was a lot more where that came from and that he could do a lot more than fly back home with just a handful of good snaps. Putting on hold his plans to go back, Jamie decided he would stay behind a little longer and start and invest in a venture with Manoj as his confidant to promote and publicize this nation’s boundless exquisites to others like himself.

On the 17th day of July 2014, Revival Nepal Adventures was born with the collaboration of a young travel agent and a traveler. Following the days of the establishment, Jamie worked relentlessly researching and writing contents and route plans for the company’s new website whereas, in order to stay ahead of the herds, Manoj actively began seeking out professional inputs and dedicated consultants overseas and at home to strive to offer outstanding guidance on trip planning while also conducting planned trips for small groups and independent travelers here in Nepal. The intensity of Jamie’s enthusiasm and dedication to this company was respectful and his untiring efforts resulted in a full-fledged holiday business. To see through that Revival Nepal Adventures made its mark on the ever-expanding tourism industry in Nepal Jamie extended his stay to five whole months and kept working on constructing striking travel itineraries for the company. But tragedy struck him when in hurt the most – Jamie’s father had passed away on 30th September 2014 and he had to fly back to Spain straightaway. It was heartbreaking for both Jamie and Manoj but Jamie had laid an adamant foundation and the making of a true adventure company. Although Jamie’s works here were far from over, he passed down the baton of company’s future into the capable hands of Manoj. The road was not easy and even though Jamie was still working hard for the company’s welfare as a vital part of the team from miles away, the huge gap in the role due to Jamie’s absence was much harder to fill. Jamie still dreams of returning to Nepal one day and spend the rest of his life here in one of its peaceful settings.

In order to cultivate an idea into the best brand or product possible one has to have a solid strategy and to do so one requires motivation and counsels. Manoj started actively pursuing the best and expert minds in the field and taking innovative ideas from them. Promoting the business was of utmost priority for the next few months and he was successful in achieving it through various social media and the relations he had built during his career as an online marketer for ranges of hotels in and around Kathmandu. Enquiries for trips and small treks were gradually rolling in and it helped to sustain the newcomer company. Six tours including a small trek were conducted by Revival Nepal in the course of six months. It was not much but it was a start. While the appeal of leaving the tourism business and investing in something more exotic struck his mind, Manoj managed to repulse these distractions and instead turned his youthful, entrepreneurial skills toward the thing he loved the most – travel.

The April 2015 earthquake gave a catastrophic blow to the company which was still in its infant stage. The profound tragedy left the company in a massive shock. The aftermath of the disaster being a complete halt to the tourism industry in Nepal, the budding company certainly had a whole new level of hardship to overcome. The company’s operations were suspended indefinitely. The Nepalese tourism industry was experiencing its dark days after the incident and new companies were quickly stepping back from the business but even in the peak of it all, Manoj succeeded to bring together like-minded individuals to act in the collective interest of promoting the business and its missions by reaching out to friends and supporters at home and overseas that aided the endeavors immensely in such time of destitute. The financial aids that the company received helped it get back on its feet and also conduct several relief programs for the victims of the traumatic incident. However small it may be, each contribution made meant a great deal to the community and the country as a whole.

Like they say “for every tragedy, there is a possible happy ending”, the name Revival Nepal Adventures held a new meaning in the wake of this devastating incident – Reviving Nepal’s Tourism. On the July of 2015 Revival Nepal was restructured with a new team, new office, and newer resolutions. The incident inspired us to work more effectively and with more zeal in order for us to make a mark on the Nepalese community and it’s tourism sector which took the greatest blow after the 2015 earthquake.

Now Revival Nepal is more active than ever, with more than 20 trips and launching new and exciting trips each passing year. Tourism, being a major source of wealth to the country that will grow only if the maximum quality of service is granted, and that is our main concern in Revival Nepal. With a crew of best and experienced trip planners the country can offer, we are always seeking out for new companies and agents across the globe to help us in our endeavors to promote adventure tourism and help develop and inspire Nepalese community in the process.