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Why choose us?

You will have well trained and highly experienced guides and instructors at your disposal to help ensure your safety and enjoyment. Our guides and leaders are local travel experts and friendly locals who know their country back to front. Furthermore, keeping calm and improvising in even the difficult of circumstances are what our guides are good at. Your safety is our paramount concern and therefore, we do not take it casually.

Value for Money
Are we the cheapest agency out there? Certainly not. But we offer competitive prices and customized trips fitting your budget while ensuring the best travel experience. We are local and hence you’ll be paying almost a third of what you would spend on bigger agencies. We want you to feel safe when you travel with us. Our prices are neat, reasonable and do not incur any “hidden charges”.

Passionate Team
As Adventure travel is becoming mainstream and gradually losing the element that makes it so special – real adventure, here at Revival Nepal we are passionate about travel and we keep our promises. “You get what you pay for”- we believe you have spent a lot of time and money to plan this trip with us and we thrive on delivering exactly what you have been promised. You deserve it!

Diverse Destinations
Take your time browsing through a range of outdoor activities we have to offer. From strenuous mountaineering to more relaxed excursion, we offer a variety of trips appropriate for all fitness levels. Take advantage of our “create tour” feature to design your own customized trip to accommodate individual interests and ability without having to worry about our pre-designed itineraries not being able to meet your travel requirements.

We are more than just another travel company, Revival Nepal is a nimble unit that creates a soothing atmosphere where you can come as friends, not as foreigners and tell compelling stories upon return – which we consider the best endorsement of our company! Something a lot of adventure companies oversee, we do not consider ourselves as just another business venture but rather a service oriented establishment where spreading fun and joy takes utmost priority.

Responsible Travel
We operate our tours and design our itineraries in a way that has a least possible impact to the natural areas and delicate eco-systems we venture into. Travel, when done right can be a powerful tool for conserving biodiversity, heritage areas and sustaining the well- being of the local people. We are driven by the notion of contributing to sustaining the natural and cultural heritage of the amazing places we travel so that those who travel after us can enjoy them in their distinctive glory as much as we did.

We work hard to enforce stringent health and safety requirements on all our trips. Our guides and leaders are well versed in travel safety standards and carry all necessary medical supplies and safety equipment to ensure all our trips and activities run without hindrance. We refrain from initiating a trip where client safety will be compromised.

Solo Travel
Although travelling with a group of friends and like-minded people is fun, we understand that some prefer to travel alone and meet friends along the way. We organize private and customized tours for travelers who are willing to take a chance. There’s no such thing as travelling solo when you are on a journey with us and we have a reputation to prove that.